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Who we are

ChessOnMobile Team

ChessOnMobile is an idea of two companies with experience in software development (Devzone) and chess database software (Argedrez).

Specializing in website development, games, corporate identity, mobile and applications development, Devzone is a professional internet consulting and web design company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argedrez have developed since more than 5 years ago the website that is now the most popular chess site in Argentina.

We decided to combine our expertise to develop a web application that allows a new experience in viewing chess games on mobile devices.


Design & Development:
devzone |

Game Viewer:
pgn4web |

ECO code is a trademark of Chess Informant Inc

ChessOnMobile Framework

ChessOnMobile is an application whose main purpose is to show chess games over mobile devices in a practical and nice manner.

It’s a web application, not a native one. This has several advantages:
- Works great on IOS™ (iPhone®, iPod®, iPad®) Android® and Blackberry® devices.
- Available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
- Quick and easy update.
- Always up-to-date.

ChessOnMobile is 50% database management and 50% design for mobile devices.



We maintain a chess games database where we have very consistent information about players, events and games. We choose the most important tournaments and incorporate them to our database. We always update the database daily and most times we update the games as soon as they finished.


The other important thing about ChessOnMobile is that it’s designed for mobile devices. Generally it responds like a native application. And it scale well independently of the screen size of the device.

Also we are particularly careful in the efficiency of the application so that users can enjoy it even if they have a low speed internet connection.

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